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Hangtown Oysters

In the days of the California Gold Rush, Hangtown was the first boomtown on the road to riches. They bestowed the name in 1849, due to vigilante justice dished out to bad guys at the end of a rope, often at the old oak tree across from the jail. It was said that a swindler, waiting for the noose, had a special request for his last meal. And so was born the legend known as the “Hangtown Fry.”

According to the jailer, he asked for an oyster omelet, knowing that the oysters would have to be brought from waters over a hundred miles away by steamship and then from port over rough roads, delaying his hanging at least 2 weeks. Can oysters have life extending properties? Sure, just ask the condemned man. Hangtown Oysters embrace the spirit of those early entrepreneurs. Our oysters are grown in the tidelands of a natural glacier-carved fjord in the Kitsap Peninsula of Puget Sound. The pristine fresh water outflow from Harding Creek Estuary gives the oysters a well-balanced combination of sweetness at the start and a buttery soft brine finish ...a unique taste of fresh rain and low salinity. Some still say “a single Hangtown Oyster can add weeks to your life,” who’s to say what a dozen might do.